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Pain Relief
In 2009 Acupuncture was recognised by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)  as a successful therapy for the treatment of lower back pain. Information on this can be found here.
Acupuncture is used for a range of different pain conditions. Please click here for more information.
An overview of Acupuncture for all types of pain relief can be found here.
For Acupuncture in pregnancy information please click here.
This link contains a booklet to help women and their partners use Acupressure in labour. Please click here for more info.
Information on optimal foetal positioning can be found here.
Information can be found here on Acupuncture for breech presentation.
Information on Acupuncture for use in the final trimester of pregnancy & childbirth can be found here.
Post Natal
Diet advice can be found here for after the birth of your baby.
"You don't have to eat the perfect diet to provide the perfect food"
Breastfeeding advice and other links related to lactation can be found here
East Lancashire post-natal depression support group can be found here.